Belief and focus….to change the world

There are only 2 things that separate the “blissful” from the “stressed”…….. The blissful BELIEVE (ideally in themselves but some of them believe in external forces also) and this leads them to focus (on a goal).

All of us first NEED to BELIEVE in what we are doing and in its capacity to change the world ( I DO and thats the ONLY reason i come to work at CBREX).

Focus is something that each of us needs to develop on our own. I am talking about meditative focus i.e. CONCENTRATION at the EXCLUSION of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Remember its never the number of hours that one works but the number of CONCENTRATED hours….This is what gives you satisfaction and also engages BOTH your mind and your body. This is what leads to a person being engaged and when you are engaged 100% then you are at peace ALL the time.

For me CBREX is not a job , its a mission.


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November 23, 2016 at 11:40PM