how is your company handling the halt to the new overtime rule?

A reader writes:

My entire company rescinded the promised raises under the new FLSA guideline. I’d love to hear from other readers what their companies did – any chance we can get a thread this week on it?

Yes indeed.

To catch people up who may not be aware: A new overtime rule that would have required an additional 4.2 million American workers to be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a week — and which was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow — was blocked last week by a Texas judge, who issued a temporary injunction halting the rule nationwide.

The injunction is a temporary one, which means that it’s possible the rule could move forward again at some point … but with a new administration and Congress coming in, most observers believe that it’s pretty likely that it won’t move forward in its current form at all. The salary threshold for overtime pay will probably still go up at some point, but maybe with a smaller increase, and it might be phased in over time instead. That’s just speculation though; right now we really don’t know.

Anyway, let’s talk about how employers are handling this. Is your employer rescinding raises that were scheduled to bring people up to the new salary threshold, or letting those raises stay in place? If you were made non-exempt in anticipation of the new rule, is your employer keeping you non-exempt or moving you back to exempt? Tell all below.

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November 30, 2016 at 03:33AM