Hump Day Help! 9 Tips to Get Through a Crappy Week

Whew! There’s something about the week after a holiday vacation that completely wipes us out.

Maybe it’s the end of the year scramble to beat quotas or perhaps it’s the anxiousness for the year to just be over. Whatever it is, this week is just crappy. Before you hit a happy hour to turn your frown upside down, consider these easy, go-to tricks to get over the hump of, well, hump day.

1. Get Lots of Sleep

The results are in: getting a good night’s sleep decreases your stress levels. When you’re already having a hard week, the last thing you want to add to the mix is sleep deprivation. Treat yourself to at least 8 hours of sleep – 9 or 10 if you can so indulge!

2. Indulge in Comfort Food

This might be a good week to try out that mac and cheese recipe you’ve had tabbed in your computer, or have a meal at your favorite burger joint. Even bringing a large supply of chocolate to hide in your desk might be advisable. Just remember not to indulge too much– neither a stomach ache nor acid indigestion are helpful additions to an already difficult week!

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3. Go to an Exercise Class

To work off all of that mac and cheese, an exercise class can be a helpful way to boost endorphins (neurochemicals that make you happier) and boost confidence. Also, invite a buddy: studies have shown that you’re more likely to enjoy exercise when you do it with a friend.

4. Plan Something Fun for the Weekend
Take your mind off of a stressful week at work by planning a hike, a dinner party, a spa day, or whatever you know will make you excited. When things get difficult, just thing to the fun and comfort you can find in your weekend activity. Just don’t spend too much time planning and fall behind at work!

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5. Take a Bath

Baths relax the muscles and calm the mind. Baths also force us to slow down and just rest. If you haven’t taken a bath since you were a child, or have some prejudice against baths – just try it. You never know: you could become a bath convert yourself.

6. Make Dinner Plans with a Friend

Talking through your difficult week with a friend can be a helpful way to relieve bad feelings or stress. Or if you don’t want to talk about it, spending time with a friend can help boost up your mood through laughter and company. You have to eat dinner anyways – spend the time with someone you care about.

7. Take an MHD

Sometimes, all that’s going to get us through a week is taking a mental health day (MHD). This is a day where you call in sick or take a vacation day, shut off your phone and email, and do whatever makes you happy. Days like this can give us an extra recharge of power to boost us to through the week.

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8. Call Home

When things get overwhelming, a family member can be a reliable source of support. Even if they’re someone you haven’t talked to in a while, it could be a good time to reconnect and remember why they’re an important person in your life. The same goes for a close friend.

9. Know that it will pass
Know that every week won’t be a bad week – if there are concrete reasons why this one sucked, try to figure out what they were, and how you can overcome them. If you are continually having bad weeks, it may be time to look for another job!


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November 30, 2016 at 12:39AM