Reserve 10% of Your Recruitment Marketing Spend in 2017 for Experimentation…

I had the opportunity to contribute to a project called the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Idea Book, sponsored and put together by Smashfly.

My entry into the mix covered the need to experiment with your recruitment marketing spend every year.  Most of us get into ruts where we rely on a single job board, Indeed, or similar service.  When you do that and aren’t constantly thinking about what’s next, you end up being late to emerging trends that result in better recruiting results.  People were late to Indeed, and now they’re likely late to something else.

Whatever your budget is, use 10% to experiment with new sources of candidate flow.  See my full excerpt from this project below (email subscribers enable images or click through), and get the whole workbook full of ideas by clicking here.

Smashfly clip



via The HR Capitalist

November 29, 2016 at 11:03PM