update: someone left a bullet casing on my desk


Remember the letter-writer who found a bullet shell casing on her desk and was scared to go to work? Here’s the update.

Getting over the shock of a bullet being left on my desk took me a few days. My coworkers and I had to process and move on.

I had an escort (a fellow coworker) walk me to my car nightly. He is an ex-cop, whose desk was moved directly next to mine. The first few days, he literally held my hand while we walked to my car.

Our employer was really understanding, but unprepared for a serious “what if” situation. We read our “active shooter” protocol. After which, my coworkers (many of us are veterans) realized if we ever had to deal with an active shooter, we’d be in trouble. Our only recourse is to run, hide, or do a combination of both.

The protocol says for us to throw things at an active shooter. Unless we’re tossing a grenade, we don’t think a pencil is going to frighten an active shooter. We still do not have metal detectors or cameras in our workspace.

I earned a promotion. I can work from home. I’m not sure, nor will I ever be able to prove it, but I believe the bullet on my desk drove my employer to expedite my being out of the office.

Thanks everyone for all the advice. It made me feel better.

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November 30, 2016 at 05:06AM